Rocco Forte Hotels present immersive street art tours in Munich and Berlin

Rocco Forte Hotels Germany has unveiled an immersive street art-themed tour inviting guests to explore Berlin…

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harstad norway

Culinary gems of Harstad: Discovering the hidden tastes of Norway’s Arctic

Situated on Norway's largest island, Hinnøya, Harstad in Norway is a paradise for food enthusiasts seeking…

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iceland golden circle winter

The beauty of Iceland’s winter wonderland

The Golden Circle in Iceland is a popular tourist route that includes three major attractions: Thingvellir…

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doha qatar

Top reasons to visit Doha, the shining jewel of Qatar

Doha, the capital of Qatar offers an intriguing mix of modern wonders and ancient traditions to…

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cadiz spain

The best places to visit in Cádiz

The port city of Cádiz is characterised by a multitude of historical watchtowers and rewards visitors…

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msc cruise cherbourg

Five ways to experience Cherbourg’s harbour and naval history

Cherbourg is steeped in naval history and one of France’s greatest channel ports. Even the Titanic…

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brugge bruges minnewater

Top seven hidden gems in Bruges

Bruges is one of the world's must-see destinations. In fact the city is well known for…

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Our top 8 favourite ports around the British Isles

This summer a cruise around the British Isles will be the highlight of many cruise vacations…

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Geiranger, the pearl of the Norwegian fjords

No cruise, or vacation in general, to Norway would be complete without a stop in Geiranger.…

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Exploring Haugesund, homeland of the Viking Kings

Located between Stavanger and Bergen, in the heart of Norway’s south-western cruise region, Haugesund is a…

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A walk of Thrones in Belfast

If you’re like us, and millions of others across the globe, you’ve probably spend the last…

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The City of Arts and Sciences, a true icon of Valencia

Wandering through the City of Arts and Sciences you wouldn’t think Valencia is over 2000 years…

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