Oceania Cruises extends Free Land Programs into 2024

Oceania Cruises is offering Free Pre- and Post-Cruise Programs – a value of up to $5,000 – to the world’s largest metropolises including Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Dubai, along with ancient UNESCO sites Like India’s Agra Fort and Jerusalem’s Old City.

Luxury cruise line Oceania Cruises is inviting travelers to explore the treasured wonders of the globe’s largest cities and unique corners through its meticulously designed Free Land Programs.

“Our Land Programs are meant to deepen our guests’ experience by introducing them to the cultural and culinary discoveries, breathtaking landscapes, wildlife encounters and architectural awes of some of the world’s most faraway corners,” said Frank A. Del Rio, President of Oceania Cruises. “We are thrilled to share our guests have the continued opportunity to dive further into several iconic destinations and do it for free through the extension of our Free Land Programs.”

Free Land Programs

At no extra cost on select 2023 sailings, and now extended into 2024 voyages, the Free Land Programs are available on 24 featured sailings reaching Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and beyond. Travelers who book by June 30, 2023, may lengthen their voyage to include immersive Pre- and Post-Cruise Land Programs with award-winning itineraries featuring more than 600 alluring destinations. Valued at up to $5,000 per stateroom, these Land Programs explore coveted places like the Cape Winelands, Taj Mahal, Jerusalem’s Old City and more. Below are five of the most coveted Free Land Programs:

RIO: A CIDADE MARAVILHOSA – 3 Nights | Pre- or Post-Cruise Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It’s hard not to fall in love with Rio, especially when this irrepressible city is presented so beautifully. What better introduction than seeing the highlights from every conceivable angle, including from atop Sugarloaf Mountain, which you reach via cable car. Rio is synonymous with the uber-exuberant festival Carnival, and a behind-the-scenes look divulges exactly how the outlandish floats and lavish costumes are made. Even a taste of Rio leaves you wanting more, so an entire day is devoted to independent exploration.

The Rio: A Cidade Maravilhosa program is available as part of Oceania Cruises’ Free Land Tour Program as a pre-cruise or post-cruise offering on board Marina’s Cape Horn Mariner Cruise departing January 21, 2024, 24-day voyage from Rio de Janeiro to Santiago de Chile; Bountiful Brazil Cruise departing March 5, 2024, 10-day voyage from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro; and Incandescent Amazon Cruise departing March 15, 2024, 21-day voyage from Rio de Janeiro to Miami.

NEW ZEALAND’S NATURAL WONDERS – 3 Nights | Pre- or Post-Cruise Auckland, New Zealand

Life is noticeably different beyond Auckland’s city limits. The pace is slower, the air exudes an aura of joy and nature isn’t shy about flaunting her wonders. It won’t take long to embrace the beauty, especially in the fertile farmlands, the ideal setting to savor a flight of wines at a boutique vineyard. It’s easy to lose yourself in natural environments such as Muriwai Beach, where colonies of seabirds ride the offshore updrafts. And what a rare treat to cruise across a deep cavern lake eerily illuminated by thousands of glowworms.

The New Zealand’s Natural Wonders program is available as part of Oceania Cruises’ Free Land Tour Program as a pre-cruise or post-cruise offering on board Regatta’s Maori Heritage Cruise departing February 8, 2024, 16-day voyage Sydney to Auckland, and Dazzling Oceania Cruise departing February 24, 2024, 15-day voyage Auckland to Sydney.

EXPLORE SINGAPORE – 3 Nights | Pre- or Post-Cruise Singapore, Singapore

Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of Singapore, a city-state that rapidly transitioned from a British trading post into an ultra-modern destination. Its multicultural past comes to life in the traditional temples and synagogues on Waterloo Street and in Chinatown’s bewitching maze of narrow roads. Cruising the Singapore River presents yet another perspective of the metropolis while sustainably powered Gardens by the Bay celebrates the bullish future. What better wrap-up than toasting the experience with a Singapore Sling in the legendary Raffles Hotel.

The Explore Singapore program is available as part of Oceania Cruises’ Free Land Tour Program as a pre-cruise or post-cruise offering on board Riviera’s Sublime Southeast Asia Cruise departing January 8, 2024, 20-day voyage Mumbai to Singapore; Islands to Indochina Cruise departing January 28, 2024, 15-day voyage Singapore to Bangkok; Exalted East Asia Cruise departing April 13, 2024, 15-day voyage Tokyo to Singapore; and Asian & Arabian Jewels Cruise departing April 28, 2024, 16-day voyage Singapore to Dubai. It is additionally offered on Nautica’s Exotic Eastern Spices Cruise departing December 8, 2023, 20-day voyage Dubai to Singapore.

THE JEWELS OF HONG KONG – 3 Nights | Pre- or Post-Cruise Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong dazzles, especially when you see it from the most captivating vantage points. Ride the funicular to soaring Victoria Peak, a sampan boat past Chinese junks in Aberdeen Harbour and a cable car up to Ngong Ping village, home to the once-remote Buddhist monastery Po Lin. Every cherry-picked highlight reveals another fascinating facet of Hong Kong, a metropolis equally proud of its soaring skyscrapers and traditional neighborhoods. Exploring vibrant Stanley Market and watching craftsmen turn gemstones into finished jewelry add cultural nuance.

The Jewels of Hong Kong program is available as part of Oceania Cruises’ Free Land Tour Program as a pre-cruise or post-cruise offering on board Riviera’s Asian Gulfs & Deltas departing February 12, 2024, 14-day voyage Bangkok to Hong Kong, and Golden Dynasties departing February 26, 2024, 12-day voyage Hong Kong to Seoul.

CAPE WINELANDS & WILDLIFE – 3 Nights | Pre- or Post-Cruise Cape Town, South Africa

Enjoy inspired wine tastings in the epicenter of the esteemed Cape Winelands, paired with opportunities to view animals synonymous with Africa. Dutch-influenced towns and country estates dot the fertile wine region, ensuring an experience that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. Not far away lies Aquila, a private game reserve where you may spot the Big Five – lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and Cape buffalo. Look for other species at the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve and penguins at Boulders Beach.

The Cape Winelands & Wildlife program is available as part of Oceania Cruises’ Free Land Tour Program as a pre-cruise or post-cruise offering on board Nautica’s South Africa Spotlight Cruise departing May 9, 2024, 12-day voyage from Cape Town to Cape Town.

Free Land Program offerings have limited capacity and are subject to availability. For more details and a full overview of the 24 featured sailings visit OceaniaCruises.com.

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