Five reasons why a cruise is perfect for foodies

October is #ChooseCruise, a month where the entire cruise industry comes together to share the benefits and their love of cruising. Because love goes through the stomach, we want to focus on some of the culinary aspects of a cruise. After all a cruise is not just a voyage from one destination to another, it is a culinary journey through rich flavours of top chefs and world kitchens.

Cruise ships are a large floating Mecca for gourmets and foodies. One of the many advantages of a cruise is of course discovering different destinations and countries during one trip, but as you sail from one port to another dishes from all over the world will pass by on your plate. Everything can be found on board: from Japanese sushi bars to German stubes with beer brewed on board and international restaurants at star level.


Cruise companies are very energetic in introducing culinary experiences: teppanyaki restaurants where exuberant chefs juggle with knives or eggs or South American Churrascaria restaurants where the waiters slide the meat from long skewers on your plate. Need more show? Why not sit down for one of the special dinner shows where, while you enjoy a fabulous three-course dinner, acrobats, singers or illusionists entertain you with an amazing performance.


Many cruise lines have formed partnerships with some of the most famous chefs resulting in exclusive menus. A cruise therefore offers the unique opportunity to enjoy a gourmet dinner at star level in a special restaurant, for a fraction of the price on shore. Moreover, the sommelier will gladly assist in choosing the perfect wine, from the onboard wine cellars, to accompany every dish.


A cruise, compared to a holiday on land, offers the great advantage of the fresh sea air and the beautiful, endless views, making dining in the open air a trully wonderful experience. Some cruise lines for example offer hot-stone dining, where you roast your own meat on a slice of volcanic rock, or deck parties complete with barbecues. Guests looking for a more intimate setting can have breakfast or dinner on their balcony, served by their own butler.


Most main dining rooms not only offer delicious meals, they have become a feast for the eyes. Here guests can dine either at fixed times or at a chosen time when and with whom they want. Although traditional fixed dinner times and shared tables are still offered, freedom and flexibility has become an important ingredient on cruise ships. And for those who prefer a casual quick bite the buffet restaurants are open almost 24 hours a day.

While the main dining room remains the culinary epicenter of the ship, modern cruising means guests can dine whenever and wherever they want and choose from a wide range of eateries. Larger ships for example sometimes offer more than 20 eateries: ranging from burger restaurants and pizzerias by the pool to sophisticated haute cuisine restaurants and chef’s tables. On a cruise anything is possible! 


With so much choice and temptation it may be hard to resist overindulgence, luckily there is also an abundance of options for healthy eating. In addition, there is an increasing offering of organic products from local ports of call, and vegetarian, vegan, diabetic and gluten free dishes. Cruising satisfies everyone’s hunger.


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