Dining like Alice in Wonderland onboard Harmony of the Seas

At the naming ceremony of Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship Richard Fain told the audience: “we took the best ideas from recent ships, including Quantum Class, and used them here” on board Harmony of the Seas.

One of those best ideas is Wonderland. First introduced onboard Quantum of the Seas, Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine offers a unique culinary adventure for the senses where Royal Caribbean chefs “twist their culinary kaleidoscopes in a whimsical setting that challenges the imagination with never-before-seen fare.”


Enterring the two-story restaurant through a narrow coridor with different lights and colours you come across a gold door that leads to a magical and mysterious dining experience.

Having received the menu and a paintbrush it is up to the guest to reveal the six-course meal. Based on a new post-modern style of cooking and categorized by theme rather than course, Wonderland features a variety of flavors, textures, temperatures and portion sizes, each presented in a non-traditional, progressive and creative fashion.

Buffalo chicken eggs

Dishes are categorized under six themes: Sun, Ice, Fire, Sea, Earth and Dreams.wonderland3

A “reconstructed” caprese salad

The dishes in Wonderland are all about textures and flavours presented in a unusual manor.

Baby vegetables presented as if they were growing in the garden

Based on a molecular cuisine the chefs take a product out of their shape and create it back without actually having the same product. It is all about food that you know, but prepared through the knowledge of chemistry, presented in a way that it no longer looks like the original.

The dessert menu features a chocolate sphere that is melted in front of your eyes revealing a delicious content

A cover charge of $45 will let you slide through the rabbit hole and into the “Alice in Wonderland” inspired Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine for a unique culinary adventure.



Pictures courtesy of Royal Caribbean

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