Carnival Corporation Sets New Standard For Maritime Journey And Environmental Planning

Carnival Corporation & plc has completed the fleetwide rollout of LR OneOcean’s EnviroManager+ software setting a new standard for maritime journey and environmental planning. The system will deliver efficiencies in passage planning and support voyage compliance excellence with all relevant international, regional, national, and local environmental regulations.

The EnviroManager+ system was jointly developed by Carnival Corporation and LR OneOcean during an intensive five-year collaboration involving senior maritime officials, shipboard crew members, company and industry environmental experts, regulatory compliance leaders, and technology innovators. Together the team created the most encompassing, data-intensive adaptation of the LR OneOcean platform to date designed to give shipboard crews improved, automated, and intuitive tools to support passage and environmental planning, as well as enable enhanced environmental requirement monitoring during voyages.

Carnival Corporation’s nine world-class cruise lines and 90-plus ships sail all over the world, making more than 22,000 port calls each year to over 800 destinations, each with potentially different environmental regulations governing vessel operations. Rigorous requirements on air emissions, purified water release, and many others, can vary considerably on a day-to-day or even hour-by-hour basis depending on a vessel’s location and onboard equipment. As a result, it is important for crews to have ongoing, easy access to detailed information regarding all environmental requirements affecting each specific area traveled along a cruise ship’s itinerary.

The EnviroManager+ digital map visualizes over 500 environmentally regulated zones worldwide, overlaid with Carnival Corporation’s own environmental policies. Credit: LR OneOcean

EnviroManager+ provides this by visualising the precise boundaries of over 500 environmentally regulated zones worldwide via an intuitive, user-friendly interface. This data is overlaid with the many more restrictive, industry and Carnival Corporation-specific environmental policies to represent a complete view of the full scope of all environmental rules and regulations, regardless of governing body or jurisdiction. Updates to all policies and regulations are routinely and automatically shared with the fleet via a shore-to-ship data service within the LR OneOcean digital platform, which also automatically sends approved passage plans ashore for easy access to shoreside personnel.

The application accelerates and simplifies voyage planning by arming ships’ officers with easy-to-use digital planning tools, including automatic route generation capabilities, to plan voyages and environmental operations. It also automatically validates the accuracy and permissibility of planned operations and navigational routes, delivering actionable intelligence to assist decision-making, reduce risk, and ensure continuous compliance throughout every voyage. Meanwhile, both shoreside and onboard personnel have access to regulatory information that can be monitored in real-time against each vessel’s position, speed, and planned route.

John Haeflinger, Senior VP, Sustainability and Maritime Policy at Carnival Corporation, said: “Complying with environmental regulations is a top priority, and it is a real challenge for the cruise industry, as regulations and requirements constantly evolve and become more complex. As an industry leader proactively engaged in marine stewardship, we need to be confident that our operations meet all environmental requirements, including our own policies, which are often more restrictive. Given our longstanding engagement and collaboration on this project, LR OneOcean EnviroManager+ now gives us that confidence. I am convinced that the LR OneOcean product suite is the most comprehensive and complete maritime environmental regulatory database on the market today that is integrated with an automated passage plan solution for oceangoing vessels. I invite all other oceangoing ship operators committed to environmental compliance to consider giving it a try, because together we can build on the software’s capabilities for the greater good.”

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