About us

CruiseToTravel is a premier award-winning global online resource for travelers seeking inspiration and guidance for exploring some of the world’s most captivating destinations and vacation experiences. Since its launch in 2014, CruiseToTravel has established itself as a leader in the travel industry, synonymous with quality and excellence, offering insightful content and fostering collaborations with top-tier travel providers worldwide. The platform features a carefully curated selection of experiences, projects and products that exemplify excellence in hospitality, luxury, and sophistication. This commitment to quality is what sets CruiseToTravel apart, attracting a devoted following of discerning travelers who are looking for the best travel experiences while connecting with a community of like-minded travelers who appreciate refined experiences.

The story of CruiseToTravel began with a simple need to break free from the post-holiday blues. In 2010, after returning from a road trip across the United States, we felt that familiar itch to escape the mundane and decided to embark on our first cruise. Despite the misconceptions about cruising being for older people, cruises being monotonous and concerns about seasickness, we found the experience to be refreshing and captivating. Little did we know that this first voyage would ignite a passion that has since led to over 50 cruises and a deep appreciation for the unique benefits of sea travel.  

Having experienced the unique benefits of cruising, we wanted to share our passion with others. In 2014, we launched CruiseToTravel to connect with a community of like-minded travelers and to showcase why a cruise vacation could be the perfect escape. Sharing personal travel stories, cruise news and insider tips, CruiseToTravel quickly became a comprehensive resource for those looking to explore the world by sea.

The success of CruiseToTravel is built on our dedication to high-quality content, our keen sense for emerging travel trends, and features insights from our personal journeys as well as partnerships with leading names in the travel industry. Our audience, a sophisticated global community, has fueled our rapid growth through word-of-mouth, turning CruiseToTravel into a trusted source for travel inspiration and guidance.  

Today, CruiseToTravel has grown into a comprehensive platform that covers a wide range of travel topics, from cruise news and insider tips to personal travel stories and vacation planning advice. As we expanded our content, our platform became a trusted source for high-quality travel experiences, attracting a sophisticated audience that values adventure, luxury and the finer things in life. Our dedication to excellence has earned us a loyal following and several industry accolades.

In 2020, we extended our reach with the launch of CruiseToTravel.be, catering to the Belgian and Dutch markets. This strategic expansion allows us to offer exclusive access to our network of global travel partners and provide content specifically tailored to our European audience. By partnering with the best in the travel industry, we aim to inspire and guide our readers to explore new destinations and embrace different modes of travel. Today CruiseToTravel.be is the largest online cruise and travel resource in Belgium.

At CruiseToTravel, we continue to evolve and expand our platform to meet the needs of our diverse audience. Whether you’re planning your next cruise, a luxurious getaway or a simple road trip, we invite you to explore our content and discover the inspiration that has fueled our journey. Join us as we navigate the world of travel, sharing experiences, insights and tips that will help you make the most of your next adventure.

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