Costa Cruises honors partners during Protagonisti del Mare cruise

Costa Cruises has revealed details for its annual “Protagonisti del Mare” event dedicated to the Italian company’s best travel agent partners. The program for this “extra-ordinary” event includes a range of activities involving the management of Costa Cruises. Special guests include Bruno Barbieri, Maddalena Corvaglia and “Music Has No Limits.”

The 2019 “Protagonisti del Mare” event, the 26th of its kind, will be truly “extra-ordinary” in terms of both the number of guests and the kind of activities planned on board.

From May 15 to 19, Costa Favolosa will host as many as 1,800 travel partners from over 32 countries as the true stars of a cruise that will include calls at Savona, Marseilles and Barcelona.

During the Protagonisti del Mare event the cruise line will discuss the many new developments awaiting the company, beginning with the new ships Costa Smeralda (to be launched in October this year), her sister ship, and Costa Firenze.

“The Costa Group has an ambitious development program that will allow us not only to strengthen our leadership in Europe and China, but also to innovate in a sustainable way, taking the market to new horizons and thus creating new opportunities” – says Neil Palomba, President of Costa Cruises

Costa Firenze is currently being built at the Fincantieri shipyard in Marghera (Italy) and will come into service in October 2020. To learn more about the ship visit “Costa Cruises is bringing Firenze to China“.


Last month travel agents were invited to express their preferences and opinions on various subjects. The replies received were the starting point for putting together a series of “extra-ordinary” activities that will take place on board and on land, the content of the “Costa meets Partners” plenary session and all the main events associated with fun and sharing.

The “extra-ordinary” activities will involve the partners and the Costa management competing to make the best pesto, the best tiramisù and the best cocktail, which will then be added to the drinks menu in the bar of the new flagship Costa Smeralda. The competition for the best “pesto” will have among the judges Emiliano Pescarolo, world champion in charge of Genoese pesto with mortar, and will be valid as a preliminary competition for the next edition of the World Championship of Pesto, scheduled in Genoa on March 28 2020.

During the call at Barcelona, the travel partners will be able to join the Costa team in a thrilling beach volleyball tournament and an unmissable running race that will also provide an opportunity to discover the city from a truly unique perspective.


The award ceremony will be led for the first time by the Italian anchorwoman Maddalena Corvaglia and will be a truly memorable show.

The eclectic Spanish group of artists and musicians called “Music Has No Limits” will perform during the evening, involving the audience in a show with a high visual impact, brilliantly reinventing and mixing a variety of artistic disciplines and musical genres.

“Music Has No Limits” will also be one of the main attractions of the grand pool party “Extra-vaganza”, which all the guests are invited to attend sporting elegant but extravagant outfits. Equally extravagant will be the entire set-up for the evening, with fluorescent lights and no less than 40 buffet tables carved out of ice.

Music will be the real leitmotif of the entertainment events, with performances by rock band “Ostetrika Gamberini”, the group “Quantum XXL”, an “Extra-Silent disco” and a Latin party based on Brazilian music.

Also connected with music, or rather the sounds and excitement of the cruise, is the special and incredible project of Italian sound designer and composer Chiara Luzzana titled “Costa Crociere Soundtrack”, which will be presented on board.


There will be no lack of opportunity to enjoy good food, with a dedicated menu offered by Costa’s Corporate Chef Stefano Fontanesi, and a range of delights offered by Costa’s excellent Italian partners, including illy, Fabbri, Agrimontana and Ferrari.

Star guest of the “Protagonisti del Mare” will be the Italian Chef Bruno Barbieri, who will provide a foretaste of the new menu specifically created for Costa guests, which will be served on the company’s ships from May onward.

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