Dinner is served! A guide to the restaurants on board MSC Bellissima

There are many benefits of going on a cruise vacation. Discovering new places, hanging out with friends or simply relaxing by the pool (preferably with a refreshing cocktail). But, judging from the scenes in some buffet restaurants, good food – or should we say loads of food – probably is the number one reason why many people choose to spend their vacation at sea.

Have you recently been on a cruise? If so you’re probably like us still trying to loose the extra pounds (or kilos) you took home. Or did you run up and down the stairs, torture yourself in the gym, drink only water and refuse every dessert in an attempt to avoid the extra pound (0.5 kilograms) people gain on average per day?

No matter what efforts we all make to minimize the effects of cruising the fact remains that food is one of the primary reasons people go on a cruise. So it comes as no surprise that modern cruise ships offer a wide variety of international and locally inspired food options. MSC Bellissima is no exception. With 12 different dining venues, offering a selection of complimentary, casual and specialty restaurants to choose from, MSC Cruises‘ new flagship has something to suit every occasion and everyone’s palate.

As we mentioned in A room for every cruiser! A guide to the staterooms on MSC Bellissima cruising is choosing and with over 12 restaurants this is definitely the case when it comes to dining on board #BeautyAtSea.


MSC Bellissima’s main restaurants – the Lighthouse, Posidonia, Il Ciliegio and Le Cerisier – offer a variety of freshly prepared Mediterranean cuisine and international specialities in elegant surroundings.

The Posidonia Restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch and offers a daily changing menu with a choice from two or three Starters, five Main Courses and six Desserts.

In the evening all restaurants offer dinner in a traditional two seatings system. Guests who book the Aurea Experience enjoy the My Choice option and can eat at any time during the Lighthouse Restaurant‘s opening hours. Guests who stay in the Yacht Club enjoy the exclusive use of the Top Sail Restaurant.

The restaurants offer a daily changing menu with a choice of four Starters (six on the Mediterranean Night and Elegant Dinner menu), six Main Courses and seven Desserts. The menu also lists a small choice of items that are always available. Award-winning Spanish Master Chef Ramón Freixa and internationally acclaimed German Master Chef Harald Wohlfahrt have created exquisite dishes for the Elegant dinners.

The Marketplace Buffet is open 20 hours a day and is the ideal place to enjoy an informal dining experience with a spectacular sea view.

The Marketplace Buffet offers an impressive array of Mediterranean specialities and international dishes produced in open kitchens. There is even an area where you can see the chefs producing the ship’s very own Mozzarella! Family fare, ethnic cuisine, healthy options and a multitude of other tastes and dietary needs can be found in the 3,650 m2 large self-serve restaurant.


Meaning ‘hello’ in Spanish, HOLA! Tapas Bar welcomes guests into an amazing culinary experience created by the renowned 2* Michelin chef Ramón Freixa. The warm 150 m2, 56-seat restaurant offers a convivial atmosphere to share plates and celebrate the Mediterranean lifestyle.

HOLA! Tapas Bar features a mix of tradition and vanguard in a contemporary but warm open space, with both communal and individual seating and a classic tapas menu curated by a daring and innovative master.

Throughout the day, HOLA! Tapas Bar serves a selection of delicious food (starters, main dishes or tapas to share) along with a variety of wine and beer options and cocktails, like famous Spanish sangría.

L’Atelier Bistrot is new to MSC Cruises and brings a touch of French je ne sais quoi on an Italian cruise ship.

Inspired by the bistros on the banks of the Seine in Paris, L’Atelier Bistrot celebrates la joie de vivre with a selection of savoury snacks such as tartares, charcuterie and cheese selections, as well as larger traditional French dishes such as Boeuf Bourguignon, Steak Tartare and duck confit. Those who just feel like a little ohlala can pop in for a pure butter croissant and café au lait or for a sip of champagne and a plate of oysters.

Butcher’s Cut, the modern American steakhouse concept on board all of the latest MSC Cruises ships, offers guests a chance to observe the skills of a master butcher in an open-front kitchen.

With a selection of craft beers, bold American wines and elaborate cocktails in a rustic décor filled with Americana, this specialty restaurant is a true feast for meatlovers.

East meets West on four teppanyaki grills in Kaito Teppanyaki where chefs delight and entertain with some spectacular flips and tricks while preparing authentic, mouth-watering dishes.

Next door, master sushi chefs prepare the freshest sushi, sashimi and tempura at sea overlooking the bustling promenade.


Two-time World Champion in Pastry, Jean-Philippe Maury is a master of catering to everyone’s sweet tooth. In his second appearance on board MSC Cruises, he combines his savoir faire into two distinct concepts.

Chocolat & Café is an open chocolaterie where guests can see the creations and show pieces being made live, savour handmade chocolate bonbons and customise chocolate bars on an electronic tablet.

Guests can also choose between 16 types of chocolate bars, 13 types of macarons, 6 types of round truffles and 40 kinds of chocolate products and biscuits.

Crêpes & Gelato is the go-to spot for on-the-go delights with an exquisite selection of homemade flavour combinations. These include 13 flavours of ice cream, 4 flavours of sorbet, 10 types of signature Crêpes, 5 types of milkshakes, 3 “stay fit” blend beverages, 4 types of smoothie and 9 types of sundaes.

Other nibbles and savoury food are available in the various bars and lounges across the ship including the British Masters of the Sea pub, the Champagne Bar and the exclusive MSC Yacht Club Grill & Bar.

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