Viking Signs Contract For Two New Ships

Viking and Fincantieri have signed contracts for the construction of two cruise vessels. The new vessels will be based on the successful features of the previous ships which Fincantieri has already built for the shipowner. The vessels will be delivered in 2028 and 2029.

The new ships will be built according to the latest environmental rules and navigation regulations and will be equipped with the most modern safety systems.

The vessels will boast all innovations made available by the ongoing cooperation between Fincantieri and Viking for the development of eco-friendly fuels and of sustainable zero- emission power generation systems. The new vessels will be placed in the small cruise ship segment, the gross tonnage is about 54,300 tons and they will accommodate 998 passengers on board in 499 cabins.

The contract confirms the cruise market’s full recovery and its strong momentum, with passenger volumes returned to pre-pandemic level. It also demonstrates the strong and long-lasting relationship between Fincantieri and Viking – dating back to 2012 and whose collaboration reaches, as of today, to a total of 20 vessels, including the two purpose-built expedition units of the subsidiary Vard.

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