CruiseToTravel Nominated For European Travel Awards 2024

Now in its illustrious third year, the European Travel Awards 2024 spotlight the pinnacle of innovation, excellence, and dedication within the European travel industry.

The travel sector is distinguished by its integration of innovative technology, steadfast commitment to sustainability, and the crafting of personalised experiences. Advances such as automated bookings and biometric technology are simplifying travel, while the fusion of business with leisure, known as “bleisure,” meets the contemporary traveller’s need for comprehensive trip experiences. The emphasis on sustainability is stronger than ever, urging a shift towards greener travel alternatives and the exploration of less traditional travel periods. Personalised experiences are in high demand, highlighting the importance of authentic engagement with destinations. The industry’s innovative responses, including travel subscriptions and digital passports, underscore a dedication to adaptability, environmental stewardship, and the creation of uniquely tailored travel experiences.

The distinguished European Travel Awards are dedicated to acknowledging the transformative efforts and remarkable achievements of businesses revolutionising the travel sector. From delivering unparalleled experiences and pioneering advanced technology to advocating for sustainability and bespoke services, the awards honour those who redefine industry standards.

By spotlighting excellence, innovation, and green initiatives, the awards not only commend the leaders of today but also inspire the broader sector to pursue excellence and adopt practices that positively impact the worldwide travel community.

The European Travel Awards 2024 welcome a diverse range of participants integral to the vibrancy of Europe’s travel ecosystem, including hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, travel tech innovators, and transportation providers.

The results of the European Travel Awards 2024 will be announced in August.

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