VASCO DA GAMA Sets Sail With A Completely Fresh New Look

nicko cruises‘ ocean-going vessel has embarked on its first cruise after its scheduled stay at the shipyard. Following extensive renovations and maintenance work, the VASCO DA GAMA left the harbour of Lisbon en route to Valletta.

Thanks to highly skilled workers and many helping hands, the nicko cruises ship shines in new splendour for its cast-off on 11 May 2024. This can be taken literally as travellers on VASCO DA GAMA can look forward to a fresh and completely refurbished ship.

Improved comfort in the cabins

For even more comfort, all bathrooms in the outside cabins on deck 4 have been fitted with modern showers. Additionally, all cabins will have reliable access to German TV channels from now on. Thanks to a technical update and a new amplifier, guests can now enjoy TV programmes from their home country everywhere around the world.

Technical overhaul and numerous maintenance tasks

The drive of the VASCO DA GAMA was inspected with particular care during the shipyard visit. The drive shaft was completely removed, overhauled by the manufacturer and after reinstallation extensively tested in the open seas during the so-called sea trials. The air conditioning system was also overhauled to ensure a comfortable journey through hot and tropical holiday destinations further on. Extensive renovation work was also carried out in the pool area on deck 11, which can be opened and closed thanks to a sliding glass roof. The floors were refurbished and the whirlpools renewed.

During the shipyard stay, more maintenance work was also completed in the cabins and public areas: broken windows were replaced, carpets were thoroughly cleaned or newly laid, wooden floors were freshly varnished. Some smaller repairs included for example the refurbishment of the handrails and wooden furniture in the public areas. In the 102 square metre penthouse suite, the bathroom has been modernised and new balcony doors have been installed in the dining area.

Finally, the entire hull of VASCO DA GAMA was extensively and thoroughly cleaned and repainted in nicko cruises’ timeless design giving the elegant ship a new sparkle.

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