Crystal announces 2025 Grand Journeys itineraries

Crystal has announced the itineraries for its 2025 Grand Journeys. Luxury travelers can explore the extraordinary with five Grand Journeys featuring extended itineraries.

Luxury cruise line Crystal has revealed its Grand Journeys itineraries for 2025. Following their extensive multi-million dollar refurbishment, the reimagined Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony will offer extended voyage plans with prolonged port visits, overnight stops and optional overland experiences designed by Abercrombie & Kent at well-known landmarks and lesser-explored destinations. From discovering northern Europe’s famous white summer nights to exploring Africa and Asia’s diverse cultures and countries, Crystal is continuing its commitment to fostering opportunities for inspiration and enrichment, complemented by exceptional service.

With an industry-leading space-to-guest ratio, reduced passenger capacity and nearly one staff member per guest, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony offer larger, redesigned suites, award-winning specialty dining restaurants and restorative public spaces that enhance passengers’ experiences en route to the world’s most sought-after destinations.

Crystal’s pioneering collaboration with Abercrombie & Kent will provide guests traveling on 2025 Grand Journeys unique access to the hidden facets of some of the world’s most coveted destinations, along with exclusive events curated by experts in the region, with like-minded friends and travelers.

“We’re thrilled to announce an impressive lineup of Grand Journeys for 2025,” said Cristina Levis, CEO of A&K Travel Group. “These extended itineraries offer exclusive opportunities for immersion in some of the world’s most unique and sought-after destinations. We can’t wait for our guests to experience these unparalleled voyages along with the unique land experiences we are creating with our sister brand Abercrombie & Kent.”

2025 Grand Journeys

Roundtrip Mumbai – Jan. 7, 2025, to March 18, 2025 (70 Nights, Crystal Symphony)

This round-trip sailing from Mumbai weaves through the enchanting tapestry of Asia’s gems, sailing through 15 countries and 32 destinations. Revel in overnights in the vibrant cities of Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City; be captivated by the ethereal beauty of Ha Long Bay and delve into Japan’s heart, starting with an overnight stay in Tokyo. Looping back, discover the cultural richness of South Korea and unveil the treasures of Brunei, promising a blend of diverse cultures, breathtaking rainforests and memorable Asian experiences.

Roundtrip Singapore – Jan. 18, 2025, to March 6, 2025 (47 Nights, Crystal Symphony)

Embark on this 47-night round trip sailing from Singapore and traverse a tapestry of extraordinary destinations. From the vibrant shores of Taiwan to Ko Samui’s tropical beauty, Ha Long Bay’s mystique, the dynamic energy of Hong Kong, and Tokyo’s neon jungles, this trip captures Asia’s most mythic destinations. With overnights in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai and Singapore complemented by days at sea, the experience offers both exploration and relaxation.

Rio de Janeiro to MumbaiMarch 5, 2025, to April 18, 2025 (44 Nights, Crystal Serenity)

Enjoy a riot of color, charisma and happy cacophony on this cruise. Start by immersing in the vibrant rhythms of Rio’s famous Carnival during a private event before enjoying plenty of serene sea days. Stop in remote St. Helena en route to Namibia, where you’ll overnight in beautiful Walvis Bay and enjoy a captivating concert in the desert. Sail on to the captivating city of Cape Town before espousing the scenic coasts of South Africa, sailing east. Immerse yourself in the heady aromas of Zanzibar, aka the spice isle, then sail on to the white sandy beaches of Mombasa, the Seychelles and the Maldives. Continue the voyage to Sri Lanka, culminating in India’s vibrant and diverse treasures.

Cape Town to Barcelona – March 20, 2025, to May 10, 2025 (51 Nights, Crystal Serenity)

This epic 51-night expedition from Cape Town to Barcelona is brimming with diverse wonders. Beginning with the savannah-strewn landscapes of South Africa, guests will sail on to relish overnights in the exotic paradises of Zanzibar and Mombasa. Dive into the turquoise allure of the Seychelles and the Maldives next, then experience the vibrant tapestry of India, including an overnight in Mumbai. Venture on through the Middle East, discovering the ancient wonders of Petra and the Pyramids. Embark upon the cultural riches of Athens, the scenic beauty of Sicily, and Italy’s coastal allure, culminating in Barcelona’s whimsical grandeur.

Stockholm to Liverpool – July 29, 2025, to Sept. 7, 2025 (40 Nights, Crystal Serenity)

Experience Northern Europe’s long white nights on this 40-night voyage. Begin with an overnight in Stockholm, then immerse in the medieval charm of Tallinn and the historical allure of Visby and Riga. Visit Copenhagen, the capital of the “World’s Happiest Country,” and then head to Kristiansand, the Shetland and Orkney Isles, and the landscapes of Iceland and Norway. Sail to the iconic North Cape, overnight in Amsterdam, and embrace the coastal charm of England, ending the journey in the Beatles’ hometown, Liverpool.

In addition to offering one-of-a-kind experiences together with Abercrombie & Kent, Crystal is offering exceptional benefits for those who book 2025 Grand Journey voyages.

Grand Journeys Benefits (Terms & Conditions apply):

  • Crystal Society members receive 5% early bird savings if booked before Jan. 12, 2024, or 2.5% savings for bookings thereafter
  • Business Class airfare allowance or credit for the first two guests
  • Two A&K One-day Experiences throughout the sailing
  • Up to $1,500 ‘As You Wish’ credit
  • Private transfers
  • Complimentary laundry service
  • Complimentary first visit/medical consultation

Contact us for more details on the luxury experience on board and to book your voyage with Crystal.

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