9 best reasons to book a transatlantic cruise

A transatlantic cruise offers the best cruise experience imaginable. The carefree journey on your floating world-within-a-world, offers plenty of time to relax, make new friends and experience all the amenities onboard. Here are the best 9 reasons to book a transatlantic cruise in 2023.

transtalantic cruise

Over the years we’ve done quite a few transatlantic crossings and we rank them among our best cruise experiences. While transatlantic cruises take a lot longer than flying between continents, they offer a unique and exciting way to travel. Traveling at a slower pace means more time to enjoy the endless views of the open ocean and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. A transatlantic crossing also offers plenty of time to explore the entertainment on board and time to indulge in world-class cuisine. With an abundance of time to relax and disconnect, a transatlantic cruise is a great opportunity to experience a slower pace of travel and create lifelong memories. These are the best 9 reasons to book a transatlantic cruise:

– Pack whatever you want

Are you one of those people that can’t travel without bringing all of your favorite clothes with you? Crossing the Atlantic on a cruise ship means you can pack all your beloved pairs of jeans, sneakers or sweaters and shirts with you. And best part of it all, you only have to unpack them once!

– Total relaxation at sea

A transatlantic cruise is a relaxing way to cross the Atlantic Ocean. You can unwind and enjoy the sea breeze as the ship glides across the ocean. Are you an early bird? Why not greet the sun during an on-deck yoga stretch and catch an early breakfast, while others can roll over and snooze until noon. After a delicious lunch you can go for a walk, or a run, on the deck while taking in the fresh sea breeze. Follow your walk with afternoon tea or find a quiet, private retreat to dive into a good book.

– Meet new people

Multiple days at sea means there’s plenty of time to socialize with fellow guests and make new friends. And why not enjoy a cocktail under the sun, meet up for dinner or participate in onboard activities together. You’re guaranteed to make new friends for life!

– Indulge in fine dining

Crossing the Atlantic on board a cruise ship means you are embarking on a culinary journey where award-winning cuisine rivals the finest restaurants on land. The journey offers plenty of time to savor dishes created by world-renowned chefs, authentic regional cuisine when and with whom you want.

– Pamper yourself

All ships feature an extensive fitness with modern equipment for the best workout. And why not enjoy a day of pampering in the wellness area? All spa’s feature a comprehensive menu of massages and treatments that will leave you feeling fully rejuvenated in mind and body.

– Explore the ship

With so many days at sea, you’ll have plenty of time to truly explore your ship. You will discover favorite venues, peruse the boutique shops, dine in every restaurant, sample delicious cocktails while lounging by the pool or find a relaxing spot to read your favorite book. During a transatlantic crossing most cruise lines also organize unique visits to some parts of the ship that are normally inaccessible. So make sure not to miss the opportunity to have a look behind the scenes inside the galley and possibly even on the bridge.

– Learn something new

Sea days offer plenty of time to learn something new, gain fascinating insights and learn from experts during enrichment lectures. And why brush up on your culinary knowledge during a wine tasting or culinary master class?

– Evenings under the stars

With no land in sight, evenings at sea are the perfect moment to dine al fresco. Most cruise lines also offert the opportunity to watch a movie on the big screen by the pool, or enjoy great live music outside. Looking for a more quiet and private time to simply gaze at the stars? The ship will definitely offer plenty of space for romantic moments with the love of your life.

– Value for money

Transatlantic voyages are a great value and allow you to go all-inclusive without breaking the bank. Lower cruise fares mean you can indulge in those little extra’s you normally wouldn’t book, like booking an extra massage, going for the ultra drinks package or the complete offer of specialty restaurants.

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