Virgin Voyages celebrates Valiant Lady’s MerMaiden Voyage with World Record

Richard Branson’s newest travel brand has set a new record for largest gathering of people dressed as merpeople on the glimmering shores of Bimini.

Perched on the powdery white sands of the Virgin Voyages Beach Club in Bimini, 457 Sailors gathered in a kaleidoscope of vibrant mermaid tails, setting the Guiness World records title for the largest gathering of people dressed as merpeople. In true Virgin fashion, this mer-mazing attempt on Nov. 4, 2022 included lively music, epic makeup, shelfies, a few stadium-style waves and Champagne showers once the adjudicator announced that the record was officially beaten. 

As part of Valiant Lady’s unforgettable MerMaiden voyage from her new winter home in Miami, Sailors were invited to partake in the incredible attempt to set a world record and to enjoy a collection of mermaid beauty pageants both on-board and at the Beach Club. This past Friday, Virgin Voyages officially broke the previous record, a gathering of 378 merpeople set in the UK in June of 2022. Following the voyage, everyone who embraced their mersona and participated in the world record attempt will receive a photo and digital certificate marking the achievement.

“What a fantastic time,” said Virgin Voyages’ CEO, Tom McAlpin. “Our Sailors really showed up and supported this fun and exciting world record attempt that ties into this legendary brand. Each of our ships have a mermaid that guides our Sailors on their journeys, so what better way to celebrate another brand milestone than in sunny Bimini with so many of our Sailors tapping into their mermaid personas.”

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