Preview of Oceania Cruises new 2024-2025 Tropics & Exotics Collection

Oceania Cruises will open its 2024-2025 Tropics & Exotics Collection on November 2nd. The program includes 157 long-stay itineraries in tropical and exotic destinations.

oceania cruise tropics exotics

On Tuesday, November 1, Oceania Cruises is showcasing its 2024–2025 Tropics and Exotics Collection. The event will showcase new voyages across Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, South America, the Caribbean and beyond.

With more than 150 itineraries, the Tropics and Exotics 2024-2025 collection offers a wealth of opportunities to reconnect with the adventurous spirit. Unique Caribbean cruises reveal favorite tropical destinations and less-visited boutique islands. In South America you can explore Patagonia, the Amazon and vibrant cities in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Journeys across Southeast Asia will take you to far-off havens filled with treasures never before seen, while Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific will allow you to enjoy cosmopolitan discoveries and untrodden lands alike.

The 2024-2025 Tropics & Exotics Collection will take you to new corners of the tropics and less-traveled islands such as Bonaire, Carriacou, Dominica and Guadeloupe on 40 trips to the Caribbean, Mexico and the Panama Canal. In South America, you can go on an adventure in the pristine landscapes of Patagonia, cruise along the Amazon River or enjoy the golden coasts of Brazil and Uruguay. Adventurous travelers will find cruises that travel even further south to sail past the bays and glaciers of Antarctica. The program also includes Grand Voyages that combine the most desirable Caribbean islands and corners of Mexico with the best of South America.

In Asia, you can enjoy over 40 journeys to faraway places and iconic attractions many only dream of with extensive options for explorations in Southeast Asia and some fascinating Japan-centric tours. In Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, you will discover a mix of dynamic big cities and unique treasures off the beaten track such as the coast of Western Australia, Bluff, Gisborne and Timaru in New Zealand and Blessed Islands in French Polynesia and Melanesia. Oceania also offers Grand Voyages in these most exotic corners of the world, ranging up to 111 days.

New boutique ports

As a destination specialist, Oceania Cruises continuously takes its guests to new and unique ports in the most desirable regions of the world. The 2024-2025 Tropics and Exotics Collection allows you to discover a dozen new boutique havens from Champagne Bay in Vanuatu and Kupang in West Timor to the Patagonian outpost of Camarones and the off-the-beaten-path Grenadine Island of Carriacou. All 2024-2025 cruises showcase an exciting array of new boutique ports in Asia, South America, the Caribbean and beyond that offer a tantalizing array of culture, cuisine, history and natural beauty.

The travel season of the tropics and exotics has a large number of overnight stays in the ports in 2024-2025. No fewer than 123 trips include multi-day visits. These extended stays mean you have plenty of time to tour at your own pace, enjoy leisurely dinners ashore, and visit iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites in ways that make the trips most meaningful. You can enjoy the vibrant cultures of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, discover the dazzling treasures and unique attractions of cities as diverse as Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kyoto and Sydney or be seduced by the beauty of islands such as Bali, Bora Bora and Tahiti .

Make sure to join Oceania Cruises on November 1 for a preview of the 2024–2025 Tropics and Exotics Collection by registering here.

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