Explora Journeys reveals destination experiences in the Mediterranean

Explora Journeys has released their first set of Destination Experiences, as part of the Mediterranean Inaugural Journeys Collection of EXPLORA I.

Explora Journeys has revealed a selection of experiences around the Mediterranean, with a unique blend of well-known destinations such as Ibiza in Spain and lesser-known ports such as Calvi in Corsica, France or Kastellorizo in Greece.

At every destination, Explora Journeys will provide inspiring opportunities for guests to discover authentic Mediterranean cultural, historical, and culinary delights from an extraordinary perspective.

Experiences are tailored to small, intimate groups, from 2 to 25 guests. Always with an emphasis on exclusive, off-the-beaten-track encounters focussed on a slower pace of travel to allow guests to fully immerse themselves in each destination, whilst not leaving their mark on the places they explore.

“The ingenuity of the bespoke destination experiences created by Explora Journeys is set to surpass expectations, leading our guests on a journey of self, social and active discovery, fulfilment, and enrichment, easing them into an Ocean State of Mind. Explora Journeys is committed to delivering inspiring and sustainable tourism as we strive to leave a positive footprint for the next generation,” said Michael Ungerer, Chief Executive Officer, Explora Journeys.

Destination experiences are categorised into five different interest types to help curate the ultimate tailored adventure.

  • Beyond Boundaries: Once-in-a-lifetime, soul-stirring experiences for active travellers who enjoy pushing their boundaries and changing their perspective on the world. For example, a private tour to world renowned Premier Grand Cru Classé Château Margaux, a legendary estate north of Bordeaux,  France, and its innovative cellars.
  • Tailored Experiences: The travel equivalent of haute couture, these highly exclusive experiences are customised for those who value rarity in its most authentic form. Guests can embark on a helicopter adventure with fascinating aerial views of the Médoc peninsula in France, enjoy swimming and snorkelling on a private sail around the Maltese islands or explore the magic of Lisbon, Portugal, via a tuk tuk.
  • Enchanting Explorations: Meticulously designed to usher in the next level of exclusivity  for small, intimate groups to witness exclusive moments, that are off limits to most. Guests can choose to connect with nature through forest therapy and forest bathing near Porto, Portugal, enjoy the sense of wellbeing and calm that comes from yoga flow at dusk in Ibiza, Spain or drive a classic Citroen 2CV through the country lanes of Normandy/France, attend a very exclusive visit of the Pope`s summer residence in Castel Gandolfo or a private cocktail party at the National Palace and Gardens of Queluz, on the Portuguese Riviera.
  • Boundless Discoveries: These expanded must-do experiences include hidden wonders and VIP access for unbridled finesse. There are chances to learn from the locals, with an intimate flamenco masterclass in captivating Cadiz, Spain, or a photography class on the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece. Guests can enjoy a scenic hike into history at Notre Dame de la Serra in Calvi, Corsica, France, or handpick, brew and bottle Balearic healing herbs in Ibiza, Spain.
  • In-Country Immersions: Designed as multi-day overland experiences with luxury accommodation before or after sailing, these are opportunities for guests to delve deeper into the culture of the countries they visit in intimately sized groups.

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