Sea Cloud Cruises lays foundation for further company growth

The Yacht Portfolio, a strategic maritime investment company, will acquire Sea Cloud Cruises. The company operates a fleet of three masted, full-rigged luxury tall ships.

Since 1979 Sea Cloud Cruises has been one of the world’s top names in cruises. The 90-year old four-masted barque Sea Cloud (109.5 meters, 64 passengers), her younger sister the Sea Cloud II (117 meters, 94 passengers) and the new Sea Cloud Spirit (138 meters, 136 passengers) combine the experience of traditional seamanship with the ambience and luxurious charm of classically elegant private yachts.

For over 40 years, Sea Cloud Cruises has pursued the principle of sustainable tourism, using wind power to provide unique, luxury sailing experiences around the world. The majority of each trip is conducted under the sails, engines off, offering the cleanest way to travel at sea.

The Yacht Portfolio, a strategic maritime investment company, has entered into a letter of intent to acquire Sea Cloud Cruises.

“Sea Cloud offers such a unique, environmentally-friendly experience in the cruise space, which aligns well with our continued focus on building a strong portfolio of niche luxury brands,” said Douglas Prothero, CEO of The Yacht Portfolio.

Sea Cloud Cruises is The Yacht Portfolio’s second brand extension, after The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection.

The acquisition not only expands The Yacht Portfolio’s presence in the luxury cruise sector, but also creates an opportunity to expand its relationship with Marriott International beyond The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, and gives Marriott International the opportunity to enter the cruise industry through its other luxury brands.

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