Danza del Mare, a symbol of MSC Cruises’ efforts to protect the sea

MSC Cruises’ latest flagship MSC Seashore is home to a mesmerising sculpture ‘Danza del Mare’, designed by Monica Guggisberg and Phillip Baldwin, for the MSC Foundation in partnership with Venini, one of the world’s most esteemed glassmakers in the world.

Spanning across three decks onboard MSC Seashore ‘Danza del Mare‘ is surrounded by a mirror wall that proliferates the light and colours of the world class sculpture, designed to symbolise MSC Foundation’s dedication to protecting and promoting the natural environment of which we are a part and upon which we depend: our Blue Planet.

“Our vision is to restore the critical balance between people and nature within a generation, focusing on the environmental protection of aquatic and marine ecosystems in particular. Venini and the MSC Foundation share a deep love of the sea and mutual commitment to protecting it.” Daniela Picco – Executive Director of the MSC Foundation.

The sublime sculpture was created for the MSC Foundation in partnership with Venini, one of the world’s most esteemed glassmakers in the world which this year celebrates its 100th Anniversary. The sculpture was designed by Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin for MSC Seashore and is located in the MSC Foundation Centre.

Some interesting details about ‘Danza del Mare’:

  • The sculpture features around 190 fish of many colours – red, yellow and amethyst – in three sizes (32, 38 and 42 cm), swimming in a spiral grouped by colour, evoking the effervescent colours of water and the sea.
  • Every glass fish and ball is a unique hand-blown creation
  • The impressive installation is 12 metres high and fully hand made
  • The sculture consists of 10 vertical cables and a spotlight that shines upward
  • The spiral design tapers toward the centre and has a top diameter of approximately 3 metres

The design of the installation uses the magical, fluid medium of glass to express the fluidity of the seas and everything in them, animal, vegetable and mineral, coral, fish, seaweed and oxygen. The immense depth and expanse of the sea, covering 71% of our world’s surface, is contained in the imagery of the sculpture, in its great height and the density of its contents, as if it were the sea itself in a soaring prism of charged and moving constituents. Partly an image of Earth’s lungs, partly an image of Earth’s nutrition and partly an image of simple beauty, it symbolises the sea’s indispensable role in our and our planet’s wellbeing.

In it’s very fragility, the sculpture also expresses the fragility of its subject, the degree to which all ecosystems exist in a delicate balance, which must – for our own as well as their health – be respected, maintained and nurtured. That is the deep underlying message of this work of art, reminding and inspiring all of us to treat water and its teeming life with the greatest respect and honour.

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