Valiant Lady and her brand new mermaid are making a splash in 2022

Virgin Voyages’ second ship, Valiant Lady, will be hitting the water with a bold splash in 2022. Heading out from Portsmouth (UK) Valiant Lady will set sail to Europe on 3-night, 11-night and 12-night voyages. Sailors can expect voyages filled with sundrenched days and moonlit moments in the most gorgeous islands and cities throughout Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and the Canary Islands.

With late-night and overnight stays in Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Lisbon, and Zeebrugge, Valiant Lady will sail through Europe seeing the nights come vibrantly alive and the sun rising gently in the morning. The perfect opportunity for Sailors, yes that’s what Virgin Voyages is calling its guests, the most immersive experiences possible in each destination.

Like Scarlet Lady who came before her, Valiant Lady features a new, strong, and gorgeous mermaid at the helm. Created by artist Hillary Wilson, the mermaid represents the beautiful tension between strength and vulnerability; a woman who is unafraid of her own power and never backs down. For Hillary, valiance is the balance between the two, and she created a gorgeous mermaid who encompasses the energy of a woman moving confidently forward toward her dreams.

Hillary draws inspiration from the diversity of people and faces in the world that she has an opportunity to paint. It drives and inspires her creative process. ”The breath of people that live and exist in the world – I feel so lucky that I get to experience them and create art from them. How lucky are we to get to paint all these kinds of people? To rejoice in all the kinds of people that exist and all the ways you can draw them.”

With a background in both classical art as well as medical drawing, Hillary has designed a mermaid that proudly looks like a real woman; a work of art that celebrates the human form in all its glory. 

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