Costa Cruises continues restart with three new ships and itineraries

Costa Cruises has redesigned its cruise offer for the final part of 2021 and for 2022 with new features for the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Emirates and South America. From spring 2022, Costa Firenze, Costa Toscana and Costa Smeralda will offer cruises in the Mediterranean.

Following the restart of its ships in the Mediterranean, Costa Cruises is continuing with its program to resume operations, announcing important updates for the 2022 season, which will also involve the final part of the current season.

The main changes concern the Italian company’s three most innovative ships: Costa Firenze, Costa Toscana and Costa Smeralda.

Costa Firenze, the latest ship to join Costa fleet and dedicated to the Florentine Renaissance, will enter service this July 4 from Savona and will operate in the Mediterranean until the end of November 2021. In winter 2021-22 the ship will sail from Dubai for cruises in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar, including visits to ‘Expo 2020 Dubai‘. From April 2022 Costa Firenze will return to offer week-long cruises in Italy, France and Spain. 

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Costa’s presence in the Mediterranean will be further strengthened by Costa Toscana, a new ‘green’ ship currently under construction that will be powered by liquefied natural gas and will debut in December 2021. Throughout 2022, Costa Toscana will be dedicated to seven-day cruises in the Western Mediterranean, which will enable visits on the same vacation to two fascinating Spanish destinations – Barcelona and Valencia in spring, or Ibiza and Valencia in summer. In winter 2021-2022, the current flagship Costa Smeralda will replace her sister ship Costa Toscana in South America, before returning to the Mediterranean for cruises in Italy, France and Spain.

Winter 2021-2022

Costa’s programs for winter 2021-22 will be complemented by four additional ships. Costa Diadema will depart on September 26 from Savona, offering long cruises in Turkey and Greece or Spain and Portugal. From December she will be deployed in the Caribbean, with three different itineraries to discover several beautiful Caribbean islands. Costa Fascinosa will be back in service on September 23, again from Savona, for 10-day cruises to Lisbon, while during winter she will offer cruises in South America. Costa Deliziosa will continue with her program of cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean until January 8, 2022, when she will depart for the Around the World cruise. Costa Luminosa, currently operating in the Eastern Mediterranean, will sail two-week cruises to the Canary Islands or Israel.

Summer 2022

During the 2022 summer season, in addition to Costa Firenze, Costa Smeralda and Costa Toscana cruising in the Western Mediterranean, three ships – Costa Deliziosa, Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica – will be available in the eastern part of the Mediterranean. Four additional ships – Costa Diadema, Costa Fascinosa, Costa Favolosa and Costa Fortuna – will operate in Northern Europe, offering cruises to Baltic cities and Norwegian fjords.

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