Fincantieri delivers stretched Star Breeze to Windstar Cruises

Star Breeze, the first of three ships of Windstar Cruises’ Star Plus Initiative Program, has been delivered at the Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo. The delivery marks the end of the first phase in which the luxury cruise line is modernizing three of its high-end small ships.

Windstar Cruises is spending money, lots of money to bring its fleet up to date. The Star Plus Initiative Program, worth 250 million dollars, involves three ships: Star Breeze, Star Legend and Star Pride.

As part of the complex program the ships receive a new 25.6 meters mid-body section. Furthermore the propulsion engines and diesel generators are renewed for a more environmentally responsible navigation. Finally the public areas, passenger cabins and open decks are modernized.

For more on the Star Plus Initiative Program visit ‘Windstar stretches and transforms Star Breeze.’

Before the start of extension works, Star Breeze had a length of 134 meters, with a tonnage of approximately 10,000 tons and a capacity of 212 passengers. Now, after its completion, the ship
has a length of approximately 160 meters, a tonnage of around 13,000 tons, and a capacity to accommodate 312 passengers on board.

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