AIDA Cruises suspends “Bella Italia” voyages

On Saturday October 17, 2020, at 11 p.m., the command was “cast off!” for AIDAblu and the first AIDA Cruises trip since the seven-month break in the cruise season. Under the motto “Bella Italia”, AIDAblu set sail on seven-day cruises to five popular Italian destinations.

Unfortunately, as the German federal government on Wednesday decided to contain the infection situation and thus adopted further restrictions on public life and travel, AIDA Cruises has decided to pause its Mediterranean operations.

Consequently all the cruises aboard AIDAblu that were planned between 31.10.2020 and 30.11.2020 cannot take place.

AIDA Cruises offered its guests a high level of security during their “Bella Italia” vacation. From the start of the booking process to the travel preparation, embarkation and disembarkation in the port, the stay on board and medical care. In addition to the already existing high hygiene and health standards, AIDA Cruises has developed new health and safety protocols together with national and international authorities and has implemented a variety of preventive measures.

Prior to the voyage and while checking in, guests provide information about their state of health. A COVID-19 PCR test with a negative test result, which must not be older than three days, is required for the embarkation. Guests have the opportunity to have the test carried out free of charge at the German AIDA partner Helios clinics.

Before the check-in, all guests’ temperature is being measured contactless using a thermal scanner. In addition, a further COVID-19 test is carried out in the port terminal for all guests having stayed in a region or country classified as risky prior to departure.

The cruise line hopes it will be able to resume operations in December 2020 in compliance with all the prevention measures necessary to protect against Covid-19

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