Four Ladies in Lisbon

Last week, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines gave guests the chance to vote for their favourite name for the upcoming event. There were three names to choose from – ‘Four Fred.s in Lisbon’, ‘Four Ladies in Lisbon’, and ‘Four B’s in Lisbon’ – as well as the opportunity for voters to suggest their own. Other options that were put forward included ‘Fred.s Portuguese Parade’, ‘Fred.s Lisbon Liaison’ and ‘Liners in Lisbon’. Other entertaining options included ‘Four Lucky Ladies in Lisbon’, ‘Four Legends in Lisbon’ and ‘Four Portuguese Tarts’.

Four Ladies in Lisbon

Fred. Olsen’s four ships – Balmoral, Braemar, Boudicca and Black Watch – will come together in Lisbon on 22nd October 2021. The new fleet get-together was launched in April, following the cancellation of the planned ‘Four Fred.s in Funchal’ event, which was due to take place on 4th April this year.

This spectacular occasion promises to be a marquee event in the world cruising calendar, and guests joining Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines in the Portuguese capital can expect to enjoy entertainment and activities such as:

  • A memorable welcome ceremony and local performances
  • Fun competitions between guests and crews from each ship on the quayside
  • An opportunity to explore all four ships in the Fred. Olsen fleet
  • Time to venture into Lisbon, to seek out the city’s iconic maritime monuments and landmarks; get immersed in centuries of rich history; taste authentic local pastries and perhaps even have a go at making some pastries

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