Carnival Cruise Line continues to bring team members home

A few days ago Carnival Cruise Line issued a big “hvala” (thank you) to Dubrovnik, Croatia after an extraordinary effort resulted in the repatriation of nearly 3,000 Carnival team members through the Port of Dubrovnik.

The cruise industry really does bring the citizens of the world together and Carnival proudly boasts 110 nationalities amongst its onboard team. That can make things complicated in this current situation as the world’s largest cruise line continues to repatriate more than 26,000 team members home, with a backdrop of some nations with closed borders, flight options limited, and debarkation and immigration policies frequently changing.

“Luckily, Carnival has great port partners all over the world who are working with the company. And today, we’d like to recognize our friends in the Republic of Croatia and the Port of Dubrovnik. Over the past week, Carnival Breeze and Carnival Magic made calls on the magical city of Dubrovnik and safely and successfully repatriated nearly 3,000 Carnival team members,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line.

Not just Croatian citizens and those of neighboring countries like Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia were connected home by bus. The company also booked commercial flights for hundreds of others trying to get home to dozens of European nations, as well as Indonesia and the Philippines.

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