MSC Cruises takes precautionary public health measures on all ships

In light of the coronavirus outbreak in China, MSC Cruises is immediately taking further precautionary measures for the health and well-being of its guests and crew on all of its global fleet.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, MSC Cruises has been closely monitoring the public health and safety situation in each of the regions its ships sail. The company has been consulting with international and local health authorities to follow their advice and recommendations.

MSC Cruises has undertaken a series of actions since 24 January, and due to the latest coronavirus developments, has implemented additional public health measures across its fleet. While there are no cases of coronavirus on board any of MSC Cruises’ ships these measures are additional steps to secure the health and well-being of all guests and crew.

  • Guests from all nationalities are required to fill out a pre-embarkation questionnaire to ensure no-one boards their ship who has travelled from mainland China or visited mainland China in the past 30 days. Anyone who has travelled from mainland China or visited mainland China in the past 30 days will be denied access to the ship;
  • Mandatory non-touch thermal scans conducted for all guests and crew prior to embarkation for every cruise operated by the company anywhere in the world, and persons with signs or symptoms of illness such as fever (≥38 C°/100.4 F°) or feverishness, chills, cough or difficulty breathing will be denied embarkation;
  • Elevated deep-sanitation on every ship in the line’s entire fleet;
  • Guests who may have fever symptoms will be isolated in their cabin and the same measure applies for their close contacts, including guests staying in the same cabin and family members, as well as any crew member who may have served these guests.

These measures follow previous actions that were taken last week. Guests and crew who travelled last week from mainland China were already screened for symptoms upon embarkation, and were requested to report any symptoms of illness to the onboard medical centre.

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    I hear your explanation and still do not feel safe and will not compromise my health and that of my pregnant partner, the virus is airborne and can be transmitted by anyone not just people from China mainland it is a global outbreak and not limited to location, I am a microbiologist and can never take your explanation that only cares about your business interests, my anxiety and peptic ulcer condition has already been triggered its all over the news that travelers are being infected on cruises currently.

    I would like to cancel or reschedule the trip until the outbreak ends kindly.

    Ms Nqavela

    1. Dear Olwethu, please check with your travel agent of online ( for more info on how to change or cancel your voyage. Wishing you all the best, R&Y

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