Costa is celebrating “Singles Day” with a 0% supplement for solo travelers

November 11 is Singles Day! To celebrate the day Costa Cruises is offering several departures available with a “single supplement” at 0% for singles and all those planning to travel solo.

Singles Day started as an obscure “anti-Valentine’s” celebration for single people in China back in 1993 when four male students at the Nanjing University decided to break away from the monotony of being single and instead celebrate being single.

The date, November 11th (11/11), was chosen because it resembles 4 solitary bare sticks, hence why it is also known as ‘bare sticks holiday’.

To celebrate Singles Day, Costa Cruises is offering several voyages with a “single supplement” at 0% for singles and solo travelers.

The 0% offer is valid from November 11 to 18, 2019 for cruises this winter. Destinations include the Caribbean, the Emirates, Maritius Island and the Indian Ocean, Asia from Singapore, and Transatlantic.

For more details and bookings visit Costa Cruises.

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