Safety is serious fun aboard Carnival Cruise Line!

Taking safety as seriously as it takes fun, Carnival Cruise Line is debuting an entertaining and creative new safety briefing video that outlines its onboard safety regulations.

Keeping guests and crew safe is the number one priority for every cruise line. Known for being the number one cruise line when it comes to having fun, Carnival has taken a different twist on the typical safety video. To engage with guests and capture their attention in an entertaining way, while still remaining informative, clear and directive, Carnival has asked shipboard team members – who work every day to keep guests safe and happy – and, of course, CFO Shaq, the best person to make safety serious fun, to explain the safety procedures.

With a distinctively Carnival approach, “Safety is Serious Fun” stars the line’s Chief Fun Officer Shaquille O’Neal who appears in his nautical-themed “CFO office” and guides guests through the safety messages delivered by three Carnival crew members as they tour the ship and experience the dining, entertainment and recreation features that await the 5.2 million guests who annually sail with the world’s most popular cruise line. 

Shaq is joined by Entertainment Team members Estevan Velasco-Romero, Katelyn Stillman and AJ Tabaldo who encounter colleagues – and even a few towel animals – along the way, all working together to ensure that guests understand and follow safety policies.

“No one is as committed to fun as I am – after all, I am the Chief Fun Officer – but in order to take advantage of all of the great options onboard Carnival’s ships, we all must be safe,” said Shaquille O’Neal. “Our guests know they can count on me to show them how to have fun at sea, but I’m really excited because now I’m showing them how to stay safe as well – the two go hand in hand.”

Produced with the important goals of getting and keeping guests’ attention and improving the knowledge of safety policies, “Safety is Serious Fun” is being shown in all 34,000-plus staterooms on all 26 ships in the Carnival fleet. The video is captioned in English and Spanish, as well as in English with audio descriptions for visually impaired guests.

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