Brussels Airlines takes Tomorrowland to the sky

For the seventh year in a row Brussels Airlines is organizing party flights from all over the world to bring festival goers to Tomorrowland. 240 TMLpartyflights will bring music fans from 83 different airports to Belgium, uniting 100 nationalities at the World’s Best Music Festival.

This weekend and the next, over 400,000 party goers from 200 different countries will unite at Tomorrowland, the World’s Best Music Festival. Every year the festival creates a mystical world for the people of tomorrow and this year guests are invited to experience ‘The story of Planaxis’, a land under the sea where mystery awaits.

To bring music fans from all over the world to the festival, Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland are flying 11,571 music fans to Brussels, Belgium as part of a Global Journey that combines the festival with both transport and hotel or camping stay.

In total 240 flights leave from 83 different airports. 55 of the TMLpartyflights take to the sky with music on board and nine host a live DJ-set. Prior to boarding the TMLpartyflight guests (and crew) are warmed up for the fairy tale weekend thanks to 30 gate parties, organised by several airports.

We boarded the TMLpartyflight from Frankfurt to Brussels and as soon as the Airbus A330-300 reached cruising altitude the window shades were closed and the cabin was turned into a flying discotheque.

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