Brussels Airport – a flyby overview in numbers

Every time we travel through an airport on one of our CruiseToTravel adventures we are surprised by the hustle and bustle that goes on. To get a better understanding of what goes on at the aiport let’s have a look at some interesting figures illustrating how busy Brussels Airport gets.

Each year Brussels Airport welcomes some 22 million passengers with 191 different nationalities. 54% of those passengers are male and the average passenger is 41.8 years old. With increasing prices for luggage in mind 40% travel with hand luggage only and 50% of the passengers check in online.

Travelling can make you thirsty and that is why 7,000 cups of coffee are consumed, 5,600 beers are poured and 3,300 bottles of water are sold every day. In addition around 3,500 croissants or chocolate buns and 164.5kg of chips are sold daily while one kilo of chocolate is sold every minute.

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Each passenger uses about 8 litres of water and produces around 155gr of waste per day – 25% of that waste is recycled, for example some 9,000 fleece sweaters were made from 98 tonnes of plastic.

Little travellers can have their nappies changed in one of the 30 baby changing rooms while big travellers can do so in one of the 400 toilets.

To help improve service for our fellow travellers we are part of the “BRU Crew” community. Find out more in “The BRU Crew – improving Brussels Airport“.

Unfortunately in all of the excitement of travelling we often forget or lose something. Each year some 20,500 pieces of lost property are collected each year, luckily a third of those items are returned to their owners.

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