Welcome to Celebrity’s Eden

Celebrity Cruises has unveiled Eden, a dramatic new venue on Celebrity Edge that excites all senses by fusing iconic design, culinary and entertainment elements.

Celebrity Cruises has revealed the next exciting feature on its newest ship, Celebrity Edgewhich is set to make its debut next year. Eden, promises to be chillful, playful and sinful.

Spanning three decks at the aft of the ship with almost 7,000 sq. ft. of glass, Eden will have more outward-facing glass than any other room at sea amplifying the outward-facing design of the new Edge Class ships.

Measuring 368,640 cubic ft., Eden promises to be huge. To give you an idea it will be bigger than the Hayden Planetarium in New York City, and with an area of 12,650 sq. ft. larger than the Van Gogh Museum atrium in Amsterdam.

“Eden, like so many aspects of Celebrity Edge, represents a unique advance in cruise ship design,” said Richard D. Fain, Chairman and CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “It’s an experience that’s multi-faceted and innovative. Connectivity to the ocean is one of the most exciting hallmarks of Edge Class, and with more glass than any other room at sea, Eden embodies that outward-facing concept beautifully.”

“Our search for partners who are as passionate about world-class design as Celebrity led us to the incredibly talented Scott Butler and designerextraordinaire Patricia Urquiola, who offered a fresh perspective and keen eye,” said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO, Celebrity Cruises. “The entire space is magical throughout morning, afternoon, and evening when our guests will experience Eve at Eden, an experience produced by the visionary Variety Worldwide and our very own Cornelius Gallagher. They have all created something magical and magnificent.”

Eden- A Transformational Venue

In the morning, Eden will be a chillful escape where yoga, a good book, or coffee and a croissant can be enjoyed with expansive views of the world.

Eden has a 90-meter ramp enveloping the space enabling guests to meander through the space on a serpentine journey of discovery

In the afternoon, Eden becomes more playful, with hands-on enrichment seminars and tastings to strengthen guests’ culinary prowess, cocktail-making skills and wine knowledge. The afternoon also features performances from sitar players to aerialists.

As the sun sets on Eden, the evening ushers in Eve at Eden, a sinful fusion of performance art, culinary exploration and nightlife that promises to indulge guests’ every sense in the Eden Restaurant. Here, Edenists will serve a choreographed series of experiential culinary temptations which will surprise and delight guests.

Eden Restaurant will be the perfect blend of world-class cuisine and performance art. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s something one has to experience. It’s immersive, sensory, visual, fun and delicious

“When people think of traditional cruise ship entertainment, there’s a very specific image that people have in mind, but the exciting thing about Eden is we’ve actually been invited to break so many of those rules,” said David Ley, Director, Variety Worldwide.

As dinner comes to an end sensory cues will tempt guests back upstairs, past the Tree of Life, a continuation of the tradition and evolution of the iconic living tree installation onboard Celebrity’s Solstice Class ships, to Deck 5. Here, a Library of Plants towers 18-feet above Eden Bar, offering its bounty of fresh ingredients and garnishes for hand-crafted, artisanal cocktails.

Living and breathing at the heart of the Eden Restaurant on Deck 4 is the Tree of Life
On Deck 5 at Eden Bar, guests’ senses are in for a tantalizing new treat, with speciality cocktails in abundance. The Library of Plants towers 18-feet above the bar, offering it’s bounty of fresh ingredients to be used for garnishes for hand-crafted, artisanal cocktails

Unique Design

Eden’s breathtaking design by Scott Butler was inspired by the golden spiral as generated by the Fibonacci sequence.

Represented in nature through the bloom of a rose or the curl of a snail’s shell, the golden spiral is brought to life through the thoughtfully crafted architecture of the venue. Eden will have a 90-meter ramp enveloping the space enabling guests to meander through the space on a serpentine journey of discovery.

“When creating Eden, my goal was to create a connection to the sea in a space that will stir imaginations and leave lasting memories of the travel experience,” said Scott Butler of Wilson Butler Architects.

Patricia Urquiola designed some of the key features of Eden, including the towering Library of Plants and the impressive hanging plant pillars. Her signature furniture is also used throughout the space.

“In working on Eden with Celebrity, I wanted to design a dynamic environment that changes from morning to night, so guests experience something new every time they visit,” Patricia Urquiola.

Celebrity Edge will homeport in Fort Lauderdale, FL., making her first sailing December 16, 2018. She will offer two 7-night itineraries: an eastern and a western Caribbean cruise. Celebrity Edge will be joined by three sister ships in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Pictures courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

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