Einen Starbucks bitte…

AIDA Cruises, the Number One in the German cruise market, is expanding its catering range by bringing premium coffee brand Starbucks on board.

Since our visit to AIDAprima last September, we’ve grown quite fond of those cruise ships with the big red lips. And now AIDA is making themselves even more attractive by bringing Starbucks, the world’s leading brand for specialty coffees, on board their ships.

As part of the “We proudly serve Starbucks” partnership, the range of products offered by the Pier 3 Market on board AIDAprima, is extended to take in the popular coffee and other Starbucks specialties. AIDA Cruises will introduce the same offer to other ships of the AIDA fleet over the coming months.

aida starbucks1
We proudly serve Starbucks

AIDAprima is also the first cruise ship where you can choose your favorite chocolate and topping to create your own personalized Magnum ice cream bar, at the first Magnum Pleasure Store at sea. To find out more on AIDAprima click here.

aida starbucks3
The Magnum Pleasure Store on board AIDAprima

Thanks to this partnership we have added a further highlight to our gastronomic world and, with Starbucks, we are presenting our guests with another premium brand on board our fleet,” Steffi Heinicke, Vice President Guest Service, AIDA Cruises commented.

Guests on board AIDA ships will be able to choose from up to 26 different specialty coffees and teas, ranging from the simple and classic “Americano” to a “sugar-free hazelnut-flavored latte”. Depending on the product, guests can also choose from three different sizes: Espresso, Tall or Grande.

Pretty soon we’ll see guests onboard AIDA cruises make a beeline to get their shot of Starbucks coffee, just like the millions of coffee lovers in over 50 countries all over the world.

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