Crowne Plaza Brussels – Le Palace: a bugged reservation

A few weeks ago a friend informed us Crowne Plaza Brussels – Le Palace was advertising promotional rates for a one day stay in January 2017.

Since the March 22 attacks in Brussels international visitors have been avoiding the city out of fear and hotels saw their occupancy numbers fall drastically. Consequently the tourism industry and the hotel sector have been lobbying the government for aid ever since.

Not planning any stays in our capital ourselves, the promotional rate offered by the hotel seemed a good reason to do so anyway, and promote the city and hotel in a positive manner.


Unfortunately yesterday, November 29, we received an e-mail from the hotel informing us “a technical bug generated an unusual hotel rate” for our stay. If we wish to do so we can cancel our reservation or otherwise keep the reservation, and pay the updated charge which is €110 more than the confirmed rate.


We contacted the hotel responding that while we honestly sympathize with any technical problems or bugs that might occur at any time, in this case the concerned reservation was made on November 10, 2016.  Keeping in mind that the hotel only now realised the error, or was able to inform us about this, more than two weeks after the booking, we feel that the hotel should honour the original and confirmed booking. Suggesting that we either cancel our reservation or pay a much higher charge shows a lack of respect towards loyal customers and an overall bad customer service.

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