IHG Set Your Sights … on something else.

Since a year or two the IHG Big Win promo has become a recurring event. But just like last time I will not be participating in the new promotion that starts january 1st. Why? Well let’s have a look at the offer I received today.


Offers have to be completed between january 1st and april 30th 2015.

To complete my 7 offers, and earn 67,700 bonus points, I would have to stay 14 nights at one of the IHG properties. 4 stays need to be outside of my country of residence.


Keeping in mind that a night would probably cost at least 75euro (some nights might be cheaper while others, especially those that need to be outside of Belgium, could be considerably more expensive), completing this part of the promotion could cost at least 1050euro.

Part from the fact that I don’t think I will have the time (or want) to spend another 14 nights away from home, at the moment I can buy IHG points with a 100% bonus offer. This means  68,000 points (34,000 x 2) today would cost me 315euro ($391). A maximum of 120,000 points (60,000 x 2) at this time would cost me 555euro ($690). Even without my current offer buying 60,000 points would be less expensive than staying 14 nights at a hotel.

Conclusion: I will set my sights … on something else.

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