Fleetwide Enhancements And Design Updates For Scenic And Emerald Cruises

Scenic Group, the leader in small-ship river and ocean cruising with its esteemed brands, Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours and Emerald Cruises, has announced a series of groundbreaking updates and expansions across its fleet, reaffirming its commitment to innovation and elevating the guest experience.

Revolutionizing Europe river cruising – fleet-wide design update

Scenic Group has unveiled a design update to 18 Scenic and Emerald Cruises luxury river cruise ships across Central Europe and France, reflecting a major investment and ongoing commitment to elevating its fleet. The comprehensive refresh of the ships’ main deck introduces new layouts, modern furniture, and innovative day-to-night features to its lounge and specialty dining spaces. Aligning with the sophisticated design and amenities characteristic of the Scenic Eclipse ultra-luxury Discovery Yachts and Emerald Cruises’ luxury yachts, the newly enhanced riverships now offer a taste of the group’s ocean cruising experiences.

“The design update of our river fleet integrates the elegance and innovative features of our ultra-luxury and luxury ocean yachts into our river cruise ships, elevating and enhancing the guest experience onboard,” said Karen Moroney, Director of Project Design, Scenic Group. “It’s a testament to our dedication not just to luxury, but to leading the way in sustainable and thoughtful design within the industry.”

Scenic Group’s river fleet design updates aim to embody the Cherish the Planet ethos, guided by the brand’s commitment to incorporating sustainable elements alongside exquisite design. Partnerships with renowned designers such as Missoni and Freifrau underscore this approach. “Sustainability isn’t just a feature – it’s foundational to the beauty we create,” Moroney stated, ensuring that each ship reflects a responsible yet luxurious sensibility.

Enhancing exploration: the next chapter for Scenic Eclipse discovery yachts

The world’s first discovery yachts, Scenic Eclipse and its sister ship Scenic Eclipse II, are set to receive significant enhancements as well. Ahead of its Mediterranean season Scenic Eclipse will undergo a dry dock update in April bringing many of the innovations that debuted on Scenic Eclipse II, including its Senses Spa, as well as updates to outdoor dining venues for warm weather enjoyment and the Discovery Team space to Scenic Eclipse.

Additionally, the adventurous spirit of guests aboard Scenic Eclipse II will be ignited with the introduction of the custom-designed Scenic Neptune II submersible and four state-of-the-art SEABOBs. These new sea toys and discovery vessel allow for unique exploration of the ocean’s depths and world-renowned coral reefs with its first season in the South Pacific, Australia and East Antarctica having recently commenced. Combined with two helicopters, these enhancements underscore the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its passion for revealing the unseen wonders of the world in unrivalled ultra-luxury. Scenic Group is making a multimillion-dollar investment into the enhancements of Scenic Eclipse and the river fleet.

“Our collaboration with Triton Submarines on the custom design of our new submersible reflects our commitment to continuous innovation and leading the way in ultra-luxury yacht cruising,” remarked Jason Flesher, Director of Discovery Operations for Scenic Group. Featuring 360-degree panoramic views, Scenic Neptune II has been designed to provide an immersive underwater experience that will give guests the feeling of seamlessly merging with the wonders of the ocean. “The clarity of the acrylic hull once submerged is such that you feel at one with the water. Encountering the vibrant marine life of the South Pacific and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef within Scenic Neptune II will create memories to last a lifetime,” added Flesher.

Charting a course for the future: embarking on a new era of unmatched luxury and innovation

As Scenic Group unveils these significant updates, the brands’ strength and market presence have never been more robust. Amidst a period of rapid global growth and expansion, the future looks exceptionally bright. This week also celebrates a landmark moment for Emerald Cruises, marking its 10th anniversary a testament to a decade of innovation and excellence, with the promise of an even more dynamic decade ahead. In a symbolic gesture towards this future, Emerald Cruises has refreshed its brand identity, revealing an updated logo that encapsulates the evolution and ongoing commitment to offering the pinnacle of luxury cruising experiences. Scenic Group’s journey from its foundation to becoming a leader in luxury travel exemplifies a remarkable trajectory of growth and ambition, setting the stage for the next era of unparalleled guest experiences.

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