Explora Journeys Unveils Exclusive Sent Mandala Blue

Explora Journeys has announced a collaboration with Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, from Dutch-Swiss fragrance and flavour company dsm-firmenich, to create a bespoke scent, Mandala Blue. Born in Seville, Alberto Morillas career started 50 years ago and includes the creation of some of the most iconic fragrances of all time.

Mandala Blue by Explora Journeys captures the quintessential Ocean State Of Mind philosophy, offering an intense fragrance that relaxes, connects, awakens the senses, and ultimately transforms the wearer. The scent reflects the exploration and cosmopolitan flair of Explora Journeys’ luxury ocean travel experiences.

The fragrance features a harmonious blend of top notes including Bergamot, Mandarin, and Petitgrain Paraguay, heart notes of Jasmine, Tonka Bean, and Orange Blossom, and base notes of Sea Amber, Guaiac Wood, and Musk. This contrasting fragrance mirrors the hot sun and brisk sea breeze, expressing the essence of exploration and discovery. The bespoke scent will be used in a fragrance diffuser in the suites and in the bathroom amenities so that the unique scent becomes an integral part of the luxurious experience aboard Explora Journeys, invoking a sense of exploration and discovery with every use.

Alberto Morillas, based in Geneva, is renowned for his olfactory mastery, having crafted nearly thousands of perfumes, including those for brands like Cartier, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Bulgari, Mugler, Kenzo and Marc Jacobs.

Speaking about his inspiration for Mandala Blue, Alberto Morillas says: “Creating a perfume is about storytelling; it should carry you somewhere. I adore the Mediterranean, so you’ll find in Mandala Blue light, fresh sea notes combined with citrus from bergamot and mandarin and some florals from jasmine and orange blossom, which reminds me of springtime in Seville.”

He further elaborates on the scent, “It is designed to awaken the senses and inspire a sense of discovery, recreating that musky scent of warm sunshine on teak terraces enlivened by the sea breeze and heady smells of Europe in summer.”

Koray Savas, Vice President Hotel Operation Explora Journeys said “We are proud to have Alberto Morillas craft this exquisite scent for Explora Journeys. His artistry elevates our luxury travel experience, infusing each sailing with an extraordinary sensory journey. This collaboration is a celebration of exploration, sophistication, and the transformative power of scent.”

CULTI MILANO, pioneer of the Culture of Ambience, was chosen by Explora Journeys as partner to create the home diffusers and the guest amenities line. A journey into the tradition of Made in Italy represented by the brand, which created the Culture of Ambience end of the 1980s: fragrances capable of dressing and decorating spaces, enclosed in a transparent glass bottle, simple and at the same time elegant, diffused thanks to the rattan sticks system, a versatile material capable of naturally releasing the scented notes of a fragrance.

All products can be purchased at The Journey store on board.

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