ECTAA Launches Travel Industry Ambassador Programme

The European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Associations (ECTAA) has launched its Travel Industry Ambassador Programme, a brand new and dedicated initiative designed to present the dynamism and innovation of the travel industry sector by showcasing innovative travel agents and tour operators, who are making a strong contribution to the future of travel.

This programme is a response to the critical challenges that the travel sector is currently facing, emphasising the need for collective action and expertise. The programme is open to individuals working for a travel agency, a tour operator or for an member organisation of ECTAA.

At the core of ECTAA’s Ambassador Programme lies a commitment to knowledge development. Through a series of workshops and interactive sessions, ambassadors will enhance their communication skills, learn how to navigate challenging topics, build a strong digital presence, and engage with EU policy makers. In addition the programme offers a unique opportunity of networking.

This will ensure that by the end of 2024, ambassadors will be equipped to support ECTAA and its member associations in advocating for the travel sector. Ambassadors will gain access to influential professionals, including travel agents, tour operators, and industry leaders. This will forge meaningful connections and build strategic partnerships.

First ECTAA Travel Industry Ambassadors are

  • Anna LENNHAMMER, Public Affairs Function at NLTG – Nordic Leisure Travel Group (Sweden)
  • Gabriele MILANI, Director at F.T.O. – Federazione Turismo Organizzato (Italy)
  • Geert RAES, Owner and Managing Director of Wings ‘n Wheels Travel organiser (Belgium)
  • Vincent SNAUWAERT, Public Affairs Manager at TUI (Belgium)
  • Esa TALONEN, Managing Director at Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto (Finland)
  • Dima TANTSIURA, CEO of Albatros Travel (Ukraine)
  • Joeri VAN ANDEL, General Counsel at Sunweb Group (The Netherlands)
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