CruiseToTravel nominated for Nautical Tourism Award

Following a successful inaugural edition in 2022, the Nautical Tourism Awards have returned for a second year running. The awards celebrate those exceeding within the nautical, coastal, and marine tourism markets.

Over recent years, the Nautical Tourism industry has demonstrated an important skill: adaptability. Businesses across the industry have been able to overcome a surplus of challenges, from pandemic-mandated travel restrictions to increasing attention on climate-friendly practices. Innovation is vital for the industry, and with many companies embracing technological advancements and sustainable initiatives, this is the perfect time for the Nautical Tourism industry to shine.

Every year LUXlife Magazine, a premium lifestyle publication focusing on a range of topics within the luxury lifestyle industry, hosts a series of awards recognizing excellence in the field of luxury. These include for example the Restaurant & Bar Awards, the Resorts and Retreats Awards, the Hospitality Awards and the Travel & Tourism Awards.

LUXlife Magazine’s Nautical Tourism Awards celebrate those exceeding within the nautical, coastal, and marine tourism markets. The award adopts a broad perspective of the industry and recognises remarkable businesses who are helping this dynamic industry reach new heights.

It is with great pride and honour that we can announce CruiseToTravel has been nominated for Cruise & Travel Publication of the Year in LUXlife Magazine’s 2023 Nautical Tourism Awards.

Over the coming weeks, LUXlife’s in-house research team will analyse and assess potential awardees on the bases of merit and quality, regardless of size or location. As a merit-based programme, all nominees are judged objectively.

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