Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line postpones sailings and hopes to return on August 28

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has announced an extended delay to the resumption of its sailing operations. The cruise line will now resume operations in late August.

In an official statement, delivered by CEO Oneil Khosa, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has announced it is extending it pause in operations.

The cruise line’s recent announcement to resume sailings on July 25 was met with great demand.

This overwhelming response shows there is a strong appetite amongst travelers for the cruise line’s unique short-cruise ‘microcation’ product. Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines offers two-day voyages out of Palm Beach to Grand Bahama Island and  Nassau.

Over the past few weeks the company continued preparations to return to Grand Bahama Island while keeping an eye on the overall landscape, which continues to evolve. In recent days, amidst a spike in COVID-19 cases in many states across the US, there has been mounting pressures to modify reopening plans and consideration of the return of stay-at-home orders. Additionally, new restrictions from the Bahamas have been announced, requiring travelers to present a negative swab test prior to entry.

In light of this the cruise line has decided to further postpone its sailing schedule. Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line now hopes to resume cruises on August 28th, 2020.

At this time Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line remains the only cruise line in the United States to have received a “green status” from the CDC on its No Sail Response plan. This means the cruise line has met all requirements in providing a safe environment for its crew members to work and disembark via non-commercial travel.

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