Food Faces, a culinary masterpiece by Holland America Line’s Rudi Sodamin

Holland America Line‘s Master Chef Rudi Sodamin has released his latest culinary masterpiece, an art table book called “Food Faces” featuring more than 150 vibrant images of edible creations that display a cast of unforgettable characters expressing a whimsical spectrum of human emotion.

With several cookbooks already under his belt, Holland America Line’s Master Chef and chairman of the cruise line’s award-winning Culinary Council, Rudi Sodamin  has applied his artistic talent to create a unique and transformative portrayal of the ingredients that have inspired him throughout his culinary career. Rudi began designing and photographing his stylized Food Faces several years ago as a labor of creative love, drawing his artistic inspiration from culinary ingredients and human expression, creating each plate personality from food items including vegetables, fruit, meats, fish, grains and sweets.

“Food Faces’ has a universal appeal that crosses all ages, languages, art, cultures and food groups. Food is an international language, understood by all, and everyone in the world, regardless of race, gender, experience or social status, can communicate and connect through food.” – Rudi Sodamin

Sodamin captured the images in his photography studio, working with his perfectionistic approach to bring each piece of art to life, fine-tuning the emotional coloring of each Food Face as he adjusted lighting, depth and focus.

“Rudi is an icon in the cruise industry for his culinary talent and creativity in the kitchen and is regarded as the hospitality industry’s most innovative chef, but today we congratulate him for his innovation as an artist with his beautiful new book. Rudi is esteemed throughout the world for his passion for his craft and his ability to translate that creative energy into serving thousands of guests each day on our ships. ‘Food Faces’ allows people to be inspired by Rudi’s work every day in their homes.” – Orlando Ashford, Holland America Line’s president

On board Holland America Line ships, guests who dine in Rudi’s Sel de Mer pop-up restaurant can enjoy his dynamic Food Faces on exclusive limited-edition plates made by Bernardaud, the leading French manufacturer of Limoges porcelain. Each plate charger features a different image from the “Food Faces” book, creating a table setting unlike any found anywhere in the world.

Sodamin will be exhibiting his Food Faces art in Miami, Florida, and in Europe in 2018.

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