The design of “Italy’s Finest” cabins on Costa Smeralda

Italian cruise line Costa Cruises has revealed the design of the cabins developed for its two new 180,000-ton cruise ships. The designs are inspired by the ships’ theme “Italy’s Finest.”

Under the leadership of Creative Director Adam D. Tihany, a design team is creating an innovative new design concept that builds on the history and tradition of the Costa brand with a bespoke realization of the ‘Italy’s Finest’ philosophy.

“Italy’s Finest, to me, is a national pride that has been passed from generation to generation. It’s a place where every taste feels like a dream and where time itself seems to slow. Here style is king, beauty is queen and the attitudes of the people could change the world. These ideas of Pride, Taste, Time, Style and Attitude helped to shape our interpretation of the ships’ theme.”

– Adam D. Tihany

Beginning on deck four with Palermo, the tour moves north through 11 decks, where each deck is represented by cities like Capri, Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, ending with Bellagio on deck seventeen, like a “Grand Tour”, through the most recognizable and celebrated Italian beauties.

On every deck, guests are guided in a city walk, experiencing the genuine taste of each city through a unique design featuring symbolic colours for walls and carpets, typical pattern and texture and refined, hand selected photomurals that together captures the spirit of the city.

From the elevator landing and across the corridors the city inspired design embraces guests, accompanying them to their cabins, where it’s still present in a softer way: pattern, texture and colors are once more used to capture the character and spirit of each city, to create a comfortable residential space perfectly representing the Italy’s Finest philosophy.

Entering the cabins, passengers are welcomed by a photographic panel with embedded television depicting a strongly recognizable city view whose colors are harmonized with a city-inspired graphic pattern on the opposite wall covering, creating a homogeneous, contemporary and relaxing space.

Bathrooms have a unique, whimsical feel with walls cladded to look like marble and a full height window in the shower designed to open up the perception of space in the cabin and improve the light.

As part of Costa Cruises’ initiative to create an authentic “Made in Italy” design experience, all the cabin furniture, lighting, fabric and accessories were custom designed and created in collaboration with “Italy’s Finest” manufacturers.

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