Adjusting Latitudes, changing the Norwegian Loyalty Program

In the rapidly evolving and competitive world of cruising, customer loyalty is as important as innovation. To recognize and reward guest loyalty, a loyalty rewards program is an essential tool for every cruise line. Following guests’ feedback Norwegian Cruise Line has unveiled enhancements to the line’s loyalty program, Latitudes Rewards. With new benefits at all tier levels the new program will be available for all cruises beginning on February 3, 2017.

You may not be aware of this, but if you have cruised onboard a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ship you automatically became a member of the Latitudes Rewards Program. Norwegian Cruise Line enrolls all guests who have sailed with them, and who are at least 18 years old, in their loyalty program.

  • Rewards Point Structure

The Latitudes Rewards Program is currently divided in four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The updated program will add two new elite tier levels for the most frequent cruisers: Platinum Plus for guests who have earned 175 points and above, and Ambassador for guests earning a minimum of 700 points.

To coincide with the renewed Latitudes Rewards Program, NCL is updating the point structure of each tier.

rewards point structure

Looking at the new point structure, guests now need more points to reach a higher tier. Luckily the current Latitudes Reward status will not be affected as the actual tier level of all members is honored in the updated program.

  • Earning points

Till February 3, 2017 guests receive one cruise point for every night they cruise with NCL. Additional points are awarded when booking a suite or a stateroom in the exclusive “The Haven”. Guests booking a cruise nine months or more before sailing receive an additional point per night. Booking a “Latitudes Insider Offer”, monthly cruise offers for Latitudes Rewards members, results in another additional point (plus up to $100 onboard credit).

In the renewed Latitudes Rewards guests still receive one point per night spent onboard Norwegian’s ships. Staying in a suite or “The Haven” will still result in an additional point, and booking the “Latitudes Insider Offer” means you receive an additional point (plus up to $100 onboard credit).

From what we can see guests booking nine months or more before sail date will no longer receive an additional Rewards Point.

  • Latitudes Rewards Benefits 

Latitudes Rewards Benefits prior to February 3, 2017:

The onboard benefits range from the standard welcome back party (NCL’s Members Only Cocktail Party) and a free ship pin to discounts for onboard purchases and free chocolate covered strawberries. Guests who have reached the Platinum tier receive a complimentary dinner with wine, a “behind the scenes” Ship Tour and a bottle of sparkling wine in their stateroom.
latitudes rewards prior to february 3 2017

Latitudes Rewards Benefits as from February 3 , 2017:

Highlights of the new program include upgraded benefits across all tiers and the addition of two new elite tier levels: Platinum Plus and Ambassador. These new elite tiers reward Norwegian’s most loyal cruisers with never-before-offered benefits, including dinner with the ship’s officers for Platinum Plus and Ambassador, and a complimentary seven-day cruise for Ambassador.

New complimentary benefits include a bottle of sparkling wine for all Latitudes Rewards guests, shore excursion discounts for Silver members and above, bottled water for Gold members and above, free internet minutes with the purchase of an internet package and much more. All Latitudes Rewards guests receive priority check-in, key card recognition and enhanced onboard discounts.

latitudes rewards as from february 3 2017

  • Summary

While the renewed Latitudes Rewards features some exciting new benefits at all tier levels, and some upgraded benefits for some tiers, a few benefits have disappeared.


Overall Norwegian Cruise Line’s loyalty program now includes more rewards, enhanced onboard benefits and greater exclusivity with two new status tiers.

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