Sympho… of the Seas! Wanna bet?…

Last week, in an attempt to promote themselves to potential customers, FlowRider succeeded in potentially confirming a rumour that has been going around for some time, by revealing the name of Royal Caribbean’s next Oasis Class ship.

The author of the article on Flowrider’s blog made a reference to a concert and riding waves, and continued with: “But what does all of this have to do with music? Well, Symphony of the Seas®… This is what RCCL will call their fourth OASIS Class cruise ship. Translation: we are super busy building #17 and 18 on the beautiful Ms. Symphony.

For a copy of the original blog article click Revealing a Symphony of the Seas.

“Symphony of the Seas®… is what RCCL will call their fourth OASIS Class cruise ship” j.saunders,

Yesterday a picture emerged on social media confirming this claim. In the picture we can see the stern of what appears to be an Oasis Class ship under construction in the shipyard.

Sympho of the Seas… just doesn’t sound right

So far only the letters Sympho have been welded onto the block. But Sympho of the Seas probably does not meet the company’s criteria to become the name of the future largest cruise ship in the world.

Also, while doing some research on sex cruises, check out “Introducing “Venice Foreplay” the first Desire Cruise” by clicking here, we discovered that this type of themed cruising is quite popular, proving that a cruise vacation is everybody’s perfect vacation. So we can imagine the largest cruise ship in the world, at some point in the future,  being chartered for the largest sex cruise in the world. In which case Sympho of the Seas could easily be changed into Nympho of the Seas, and we don’t think Royal Caribbean would want their billion dollar ship to be nicknamed like that.

Since we posted the picture on our facebook page Michael Bayley, Royal Caribbean’s President and CEO, replied “ Ha !!!! Could be totally wrong !“.

We noticed Michael didn’t deny the assumption as he clearly stated “COULD be wrong”, but then again Royal Caribbean has a wonderful PR-department who knows when and how to get our attention.

Either way we suppose we might learn more next Thursday, 26 January, 2017, when Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is holding a conference call to discuss the company’s fourth quarter 2016 financial results.

Meanwhile, and to make things more interesting, we contacted Michael saying we’re willing to make a bet on it, let’s say for a cruise. If we’re right he’ll pay us a cruise and if we’re wrong we’ll pay for the cruise ourself and bring him a big box of Belgian chocolates.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to us…

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