Wash your hands!

A few Royal Caribbean cruises ago there was this funny and really catchy song and video playing on the tv when we entered our stateroom. The message was clear and simple: wash your hands!

before you eat for 20 seconds

According to the cruise lines and the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s an easy and simple way to prevent the spread of norovirus onboard a cruise ship.

Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Compass: “Did you know the best way to prevent colds, flu, or gastrointestinal (norovirus) illnesses to simply wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after restroom breaks or before eating anything?”

Unfortunately the cruise lines do not mention the fact that the virus can also be transmitted through airborne particles.

In addition to washing our hands a lot, we always bring our own hand sanitizer and try to avoid touching the forceps (and when we find them to be “dirty” ask a member of staff for another one) in the self serve restaurants or eat at restaurants with table service.

tips for healthy cruising

Though this seems like a scary message we think it is just something, like so many other things, to keep in mind. We feel it only takes a little effort to avoid a big problem which would prevent having a wonderful and happy cruise experience.

We can’t understand why but just in case you are looking for a reason NOT to go and enjoy a wonderful cruise experience have a further look at:



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