Adjusting Latitudes, Norwegian Cruise Line revamps loyalty program

If there’s one saying that describes a new year best it’s probably: “Out with the old, in with the new”. And just like a few years ago Norwegian Cruise Line is doing just so by adjusting its loyalty program. The Latitudes Rewards Program now features a redesigned tier structure to make achieving the next status easier than ever before and a whole host of new benefits.

Back in January 2017 Norwegian Cruise Line made some big changes to its loyalty program. Until then the cruise line’s Latitudes Rewards Program was divided in four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The updated program added two new elite tier levels for the most frequent cruisers: Platinum Plus for guests who earned 175 points and above, and Ambassador for guests earning a minimum of 700 points. NCL also updated the point structure of each tier with guests now needing more points to reach a higher tier. For more details on the 2017 adjustments click: Adjusting Latitudes, changing the Norwegian Loyalty Program.

As 2022 gently rolls in Norwegian Cruise Line is again making some changes to the Latitudes Rewards Program. Norwegian has used its 55th anniversary in December to expand the program, offering loyal members new rewards including exclusive onboard experiences, offers for Latitudes members and new tier-status pins.

According to the cruise line the newly structured tiers and point structure makes achieving the next status easier than ever. The Platinum Plus tier has now become Sapphire, and a new Diamond tier has been added.

Almost all tiers now feature a reduced points requirement to unlock each new status level, allowing guests to enjoy exclusive rewards faster. For example, Silver status is now available to guests with 20 Rewards Points, compared to 30 previously, allowing guests who book a 10-day voyage in a suite to automatically reach Silver status after a single cruise. 

To reach Gold status guests need 45 points instead of 55. Upon earning 75 points guests become Platinum member (80 points before). To reach the new Sapphire tier guests will need 150 points (compared to 175 for the former Platinum Plus). The new Diamond tier will be reached after earning 350 points. Guests with 700 or more points remain Ambassador in the Lattitudes Rewards Program.

How to earn points

After your first cruise with Norwegian, you are automatically enrolled in the cruise line’s Latitudes Rewards program. Members of the Latitudes Rewards Program enjoy exclusive onboard experiences, discounts, offers for members only and much more. Plus, the more you sail with Norwegian the more you earn.

Earning points is easy: You earn 1 point for every cruise night, you earn an additional point per night for booking a suite (excluding Club Balcony Suites) or The Haven, and an additional point per night when booking a Latitudes Rewards Insider Offer.

What benefits do you get?

As the number of tiers grows so does the list of benefits. But while the renewed Latitudes Rewards features some exciting new benefits a few benefits have disappeared. Gone for example are the free internet minutes. New is the ‘Wines Around the World Tasting’ for Platinum and above members and the ‘Sail and Sustain Mixology Experience’ for Diamond and Ambassador members.

In general Latitudes members still have access to a range of onboard experiences and special offers tiered according to their status, including a one-time free cabin upgrade, member cruises, internet package discounts and the novelty signature tier-status pins. Other benefits Latitudes members will continue to enjoy as they move up the ranks include members-only cocktail parties, complimentary specialty dining and laundry service plus priority tender and disembarkation, as well as enjoy discounted shore excursions, duty-free shopping, photo packages and spa treatments.

Taking everything into account Norwegian Cruise Line’s loyalty program now includes more rewards, enhanced onboard benefits and greater exclusivity with two new status tiers.

The program refresh took effect January 10, 2022. All guests are automatically placed into the tier that they should be placed according to their Latitudes point balance. No clients are put into a lower tier as a result of the program changes: Guests will either remain in their current tier or be automatically placed into a higher tier. The status on all of bookings will also be updated to reflect guets’ new tier and they will be eligible for all benefits according to the new status.

Final thoughts

Norwegian Cruise Line’s refreshed loyalty program now features seven tiers, including a brand-new Diamond status as well as Sapphire, which replaces the previous Platinum Plus tier. Almost all tiers now feature a reduced points requirement to unlock each new status level, allowing guests to enjoy exclusive rewards faster.

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